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Rule of Law Essay Competition 2020

​[Deadline is now extended to 19 October]

Since 2012, the Rule of Law Education project (ROLE) at HKU has been developing academic materials and other resources to promote a better understanding of the rule of law in the Hong Kong community, including among secondary school students. To encourage secondary students to think creatively and more deeply about the rule of law, ROLE is inviting S4 to S6 students to participate in its 2020 Rule of Law Essay Competition.

Latest Teaching Plans

Contempt of Court
Interpretation of the Basic Law
Legislative Council
Freedom of Expression
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Commenting on

Carlill v Carbolic Smoke Ball Co (1893)

—Professor Hugh Collins

“[The law's] doctrinal integrity helps to achieve legitimacy, because the law can be presented as objective and neutral, not a matter of politics or preference…and applied impartially and fairly to all citizens.”



Property Rights


Judicial Effectiveness


Government Integrity



Checks and balances