Commenting on Carlill v Carbolic Smoke Ball Co (1893)

“The generality and abstraction of the rules permit both the extensive utilization of [contract law] and its application to the case…Its doctrinal integrity helps to achieve legitimacy, because the law can be presented as objective and neutral, not a matter of politics or preference, but a settled body of rules and principles, legitimated by tradition and routine observance, and applied impartially and fairly to all citizens.”

—  Professor Hugh Collins

Obligations and Duties

Civic Engagement

Judicial Independence

Protection of Rights


before the Law


Checks and Balances

Compliance with the Law

Legal Provisions

Due Process of Law

Maintenance of Public Order

Social Justice


Results of the HKU ROLE Essay Competition 2019

Thank you for the active participation in the ROLE Essay Competition! The Competition attracted 68 English and 51 Chinese entries from over 20 schools in total. We are pleased to see many secondary students are interested in learning more about and promoting the rule of law. A pleasing problem we encountered is that all the entries are highly competitive. We are impressed by the interesting ideas and logical analysis demonstrated in the entries. All 119 submissions deserve compliment. We appreciate the efforts of all candidates!