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About us

The Rule of Law Education Project (ROLE) is one of the Knowledge Exchange (KE) initiatives of the Faculty of Law of The University of Hong Kong. The project started in April 2012. We work with legal academics, practitioners, NGO leaders, education experts, members of the Legislative Council and senior liberal studies teachers. 

Our vision is to enhance Hong Kong citizens’ understanding of the rule of law and its crucial role as the foundation of Hong Kong’s identity and institutions.

Our mission includes:


  • To facilitate communication between legal academics and the general public in Hong Kong about the rule of law

  • To promote a better understanding of the rule of law in the community.

  • To publish materials on the rule of law which are accessible to the general public.

  • To provide training to teachers, social workers and other community workers in the civil society on the rule of law, legal knowledge and legal values. 

  • To guide law students in disseminating knowledge and values on the rule of law to primary/secondary students and the general public.

  • To engage the general public in the critical review of social events related to the rule of law through the ROLE website and social media platforms.

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