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Contempt of Court

Judicial authority is greatly cherished in Hong Kong. Contempt of court can be a criminal offence; the common law offence of scandalising the court is a serious charge. However, there is a potential conflicts between this offence and the freedom of expression which is another highly valued liberty in Hong Kong. How to balance the two high values?

Learning Objective

  • Understand the importance of free expression

  • Understand what is contempt of court

  • Analyse the potential conflicts between the two

  • Analyse the balance between the two

  • Evaluate the importance of the offence on the rule of law 

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Note: all teaching plans shared on this website are prepared by the ROLE team of HKU students and teachers. The materials are meant to be a suggestion of issues to cover. Teachers are suggested to adopt the materials with necessary adjustment according to the situations in their own classes.

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