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Results of the ROLE Essay Competition 2020


Thank you for participating in the ROLE Essay Competition 2020!


We have received a lot of thoughtful and creative entries this year. We are pleased to see that many secondary school students are interested in learning more about and promoting the rule of law. We are impressed by the interesting ideas and logical analysis demonstrated in the entries. We appreciate the efforts of all candidates.


After much deliberation, our judges have selected one Champion, one First runner-up, one Second runner-up, and four Merit runners-up for both the English and Chinese groups, judging by the content, structure, style of writing and creativity of the essays.

Here are the results:

English Group

Champion: Yu Chun Kiu Isaac (Form 5)
A very strong essay, showing familiarity with equality law in Hong Kong and awareness of the controversies related to equality.​

First runner-up: Candace Leung Hei Yan (Form 5)
A very well crafted and thoughtful essay.

Second runner-up: Au Ting Hei Oscar (Form 5)
Well structured with good examples from Hong Kong cases.

Merit runners-up:                      

Liu Cheuk Heng Joe (Form 5)

Ng Wai Yan Esther  (Form 6)

Chan Hoi Ching (Form 5)

Au Chi Kwan (Form 5)



冠軍: 劉若芊 (中五)


亞軍: 歐敏琳 (中六)



季軍: 許晴沂 (中五)



廖梓君 (中四), 易婉琳 (中五), 楊茜渝 (中四), 李瑋姍 (中五)


For the prize-winners, congratulations and keep up the great efforts. Even if you did not get a prize, we appreciate all your efforts and keep up the good work. 

We sincerely hope that you will sustain your interest in the Rule of Law. We look forward to your future participation in our Project.

Should there be any enquiries, please contact us at


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