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Results of the ROLE Essay Competition 2022


Thank you for participating in the ROLE Essay Competition 2022 - we appreciate the efforts of all candidates!


We have received a number of compelling entries this year, and we are excited to see that many secondary school students are interested in exploring the different components and core values of the rule of law.  We are also impressed by the creativity and ingenuity demonstrated by all of the entrants.


After much deliberation, our judges have selected the Champion, 1st Runner-up, 2nd Runner-up, and a list of Merit Runners-up for both the English and Chinese groups, judging by the content, structure, style of writing and creativity of the essays.

Here are the results:

- English Group -



LI Ming Yan

St Stephen's Girls College


"...However, long-term social peace requires more than simply safeguarding public safety, so does a fair legal system. Throughout human history, one recurring factor of social unrest has been inequality...On one hand, everyone enjoys equal protection, but on the other hand, they are held accountable by the law equally. The judicial system provides access to justice and impartial ruling without exception..."


1st Runner-up

CHAN Raphael

La Salle College


"...With reference to Lord Bingham’s 8 RoL sub-rules, [the rule of law] requires compliances under international law, and such laws should apply equally to all. With the presence of [the rule of law], the laws and legal regulations in Hong Kong will not only be up-to-date and on par with the international standard of fundamental rights, but also ensures that no discrimination and impartiality will be experienced throughout legal processes. This establishes the image that Hong Kong upholds the importance of a just, fair legal system to the international audience and is an environment where rights of individuals, communities and organisations are to be respected, thereby aspiring confidence in foreign investors and increasing the likelihood of them choosing Hong Kong as a base of operation..."


2nd Runner-up


Harrow International School Hong Kong


"...Strict adherence to the rule of law is pivotal to social stability. The knowledge that well- defined, consistently applied and impartially enforced regulations are in place, allows citizens of a nation to feel that they can trust in the legal system - a system that seeks to treat everyone equally, without regard for race, colour, or gender. Such a system yields respect between individuals and the forces that police society, thereby promoting willing compliance with the law. This ultimately translates to less conflict, both between governing forces and citizens, and between citizens themselves..."


Merit Runners-up

CHAN Ying Wai (St Stephen's Girls College)

DENG Anya (Harrow International School Hong Kong)

KWOK Yan Wing  (St. Paul's Convent School)

KWOK Chin Yu (West Island School)

LAM Milla (St Stephen's Girls College)

LEE Hui Ching, Michelle (St Stephen's Girls College)

NG Sum Yin, Sylvie (Po Leung Kuk Choi Kai Yau School)

POON Lik Ming (Baptist Lui Ming Choi Secondary School)

SUNG Yan Ling (St Mary's Canossian College)

TANG Hok LamSharon (The ISF Academy)

TING Ying Qi (St Stephen's Girls College)

WANG Aviva (Chinese International School)

WONG Suet Nga (St Stephen's Girls College)
WONG Yuk Yiu (Tsung Tsin Christian Academy)

- Chinese Group -






「 《管子.禁藏》曾說:「法者天下之儀也,所以決疑而明是非也,百姓所縣命也。」法是天下的準則,是用來解決疑難判明是非的,百姓的命運全繫於法,可見自古以來已存在法治的意義。」



「 法治使法律從紙上條文變成現實的準則、行為的界線、社會關係的約束。香港各司法機關在法治社會中擔當重要角色,他們有義務整治以權謀私、以權壓法和徇私枉法的問題。人性中的良知良能和道德,無法抵抗那些致命的誘惑。這就是為什麼香港以至全世界的社會都需要法律這一道枷鎖,對權力進行限制,防止社會風氣敗壞,從而真正保障香港市民的人身自由和財產安全,維持社會穩定。」
















韓明雨 (順德聯誼總會翁祐中學)

陳盈豐 (五旬節聖潔會永光書院)

石璞 (迦密聖道中學)

秦崇熙 (東華三院馮黃鳳亭中學)

梁月盈 (東華三院甲寅年總理中學)

林倩瀅 (明愛馬鞍山中學)

李卓賢 (聖類斯中學)

李灝琳 (賽馬會萬鈞毅智書院)

For the prize-winners, congratulations and keep up the amazing work!  We will be in touch shortly to arrange your prize and reward. 

We sincerely hope that you will sustain your interests in the rule of law, and we look forward to your future contribution!

Should there be any enquiries, please contact us at

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